These are the 50 Young Sports Makers selected to play a key role in the event as the voice of the next generation.

The group of 18-25s have been chosen from more than 200 applicants representing 51 countries. They include students, athletes, volunteers, social entrepreneurs and young professionals working in the global sports industry.

All five continents are represented among those selected, with females making up 46% of the total. Seven of the group are also members of the IOC Young Leaders programme, with a further four drawn from Global Sports Week’s Academic Partner institutions.

As representatives of the new generation driving global transformation, the Young Sports Makers will be given a platform to share their views and engage directly in conversations with the 1,000 leaders of the world sports economy attending the event.

Meet the 50 Young Sports Makers

Andrew O’Connor Australia
Lisa Ford Australia
Annika Jedliczka Austria
Ivana Pranjic Austria
Max Patrick Fomeju Cameroon
David Thibodeau Canada
Lorna Li China
Thibaud Barnaud France
Louis Rouby France
Claire Goyon France
Olivier Marrimpoey France
Ibrahim Sylla France
Laetitia Sak France
Axel Bussy France
Florian Viho France
Chloé Morard France
Marie Jaillant France
Eva Gatien France
Quentin Evenot France
Nicolas Bianco France
Antoine Delport France
Lucie Lenne France
Solange Gourdain France
Naomi Loiseau France
Raphaël Dupraz France
Najib Youssouf France
Maxime Royer France
Marwan Joly France
Anton Klischewski Germany
Sukriti Bhardwaj India
Prashant Motwani India
Rishav Bhowmik India
Ananya Sachdev India
Kenta Iwasawa Japan
Waleed Abu Nada Jordan
Karina Mukanova Kazhakstan
Carolina Joly Panama
Martim Portugal Ramôa Portugal
Babacar Djileh Dieng Senegal
Andjelija Milovanović Serbia
Mathatho Manaka South Africa
Geewon Yoo South Korea
Adrian Ruiz de Magdalena Spain
Paniz Yousefi Sweden
Georgie Liddle UK
David Adesanya UK
Arrun Johal UK
Briana Salvatore USA
Laura Stargel USA
Alejandro Miguel Milan Marsilla Venezuela